Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Husband Trivia

Saw this on my freshman-year college roommate's blog and thought it would be fun...

Where did you meet? At a salad supper the first night of Divinity School orientation at Vanderbilt, August 24, 2003.
What first attracted you to him? He was sooooo obviously attracted to me! I was flattered by that, and then, over the next week or so, was just blown away by all we had in common.
How long did you date? We dated for about six weeks when we first met, then stopped dating for about 4-5 months, in which time we became best friends. When we got engaged, we'd known each other for about two years and two months, and had been "officially" dating for about a year and eight months.
Who eats more? Definitely me. I wolf down my dinner before he's taken two bites, and he rarely cleans his plate.
Who said “I love you” first? I did, but he was literally just about to say it too. His response was, "Damn, you beat me to it! I love you too." We were in his car, driving down 3rd Street after leaving the Div School Gala, March 20, 2004.
Where was your first date? The Opryland Hotel, Ristorante Volare. We had to wait a while for our table, during which time we sat on a bench near a gazebo and talked. I say it was during that bench-conversation that I really fell for him.
Who is taller? If we're both barefooted, he might be a tiny bit taller. I like heels, though. I take off my shoes and bend my knees for pictures.
Who sings better? Eh... we're both a little above average, I guess. We're no American Idols, but it won't hurt your ears, either.
Who is smarter? We're both pretty smart. I had a higher GPA in both college and grad school, but he got a full ride to Vandy and I only got 90%. He likes to throw that in my face. Really, I'm better with logical things, like puzzles and other things that show up on IQ tests, and wordy things, like spelling and pronunciation, whereas he's more abstract and philosophical.
Whose temper is worse? Definitely mine. I'm tempted to elaborate, but I'd rather not share the gory details.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do. I'm trying to assess a rhyme or reason to that, based on other rooms I've slept in. I think I try to sleep on the side furthest from the door (safer from home intruders?) unless the bed is right against the wall, in which case, I'll sleep on the outside (easier to escape in case of fire?) Hmm...who's the neurotic and paranoid one? Me!
Who pays the bills? I do. I'm more the planner, so I think about things like, "okay, we get paid these days, so we should pay the credit card bill this day..." and so on.
Who cooks dinner? We share the cooking duties. Matt cooks a lot, since he has a more flexible schedule and often likes to get the meal started before I get home. We enjoy cooking together sometimes too--especially Italian, our favorite!
Who drives when you are together? Usually Matt, but since I got my new car, I like to!
Who is more stubborn? That's a tough one. We're both pretty hardheaded.
Who kissed who first? It was pretty much your traditional eye-contact, move toward each other thing...pretty mutual. He apparently wanted to at the end of our first date, though, and chickened out, whereas I had no intention of kissing that night! (We kissed the next night, though, after sushi.)
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Wow--Jen's making me feel so bad, as I go in and replace her answers with mine. She's such a saint. As I said, Matt and I are both pretty hardheaded, but we'll say "I'm sorry" the next morning, at the very latest.
Whose parents do you see the most? Matt's, since they are also in the Nashville area. It's still not that often, though. I'd say we see his parents once a month and mine every other month. (Not often enough :0(
Who proposed? "Mr. Eloquent" did :0)
Who is more sensitive? Me, though I'm getting more cynical in my old age...
What's his best physical attribute? His cute little butt is the first thing to come to mind, but I like his crystal clear eyes too (pale blue or green, depending on his shirt), and his manly facial hair.
Who has more friends? Him. That's partially because he counts as a friend anyone he hangs out with at a party, went to school with four years ago, or met one time at a conference. I, on the other hand, only really consider friends those people I talk with on the phone regularly, hang out with regularly, would travel several hours to go see, and/or would have a real heart-to-heart with. So, fewer people make the cut, you know?
For what are you most proud of him? His preaching, and his ever-loving heart. He always sees the best in people, and does a much more faithful job than I of really living out his ideals. He rarely lets selfish or petty feelings and biases get in the way of what he knows is right, as I so often do.
What is something special your husband recently did for you? He came with me to Target on Saturday, then rode rides with me at a little fair set up in the mall parking lot, bought me a book I wanted at Borders (so what if it's a joint bank account, it's still sweet) and took me to a movie. We had a blast!

I love you, sweetie!

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Aww. I love you, too!


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