Saturday, April 05, 2008

Eggplants as big as your head!

Went to the grocery earlier. Realized eggplants were priced per unit and not per pound. Got the biggest eggplant they had. Actually, the biggest one I've ever seen.

Speaking of eggs (sort of), here are a few pics from Easter:

Bethlehem has an Easter egg hunt every Easter Sunday, during the Sunday school hour. We heard when we came to this church how the kids hunt for eggs amongst the tombstones in the church cemetery, and Matt immediately commented what an amazing juxtaposition of death and life, a great demonstration of the continuity of the generations at this church.

On Good Friday, we had a Stations of the Cross worship experience, with the decopage stations I created a couple years ago. Matt set them in the windows on Easter Sunday. This one is Station 15, which is not part of the traditional stations, but depicts Christ's rising from the dead. (The traditional sequence concludes with the burial, and leaves one in the sorrow of Good Friday, which I feel has value, but it's good to complete the story too)

We hosted Matt's whole family for lunch at our house after church. We provided the altar arrangement for Easter, which then became our centerpiece!

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