Tuesday, March 25, 2008

101 Things About Me

1. I was inspired to make this list after seeing one on my former boss' blog.
2. I don't think she knows several of her subordinates and former subordinates know about it or read it, but I've realized she and I have a lot in common--more than she knows, I bet.
3. I love my job.
4. Before I had this job, I never thought I would enjoy work, and wanted to stay home and have babies.
5. I don't think there's anything wrong with staying home and having babies, and I expect to feel very torn and guilty when that time comes for me.
6. I want three or four kids.
7. I wanted twelve when I was a kid.
8. It was my high school sweetheart who brought me down to four. I still wanted six at that point, and he wanted two.
9. I want girls.
10. My husband wants boys. But he would totally love a girl if he had one (or four).
11. I've wanted to name my first girl Katharine for at least ten years now.
12. Surprisingly, it's not because of my fascination with Catherine the Great.
13. My childhood dog, on the other hand, was named after Catherine the Great.
14. The dog's name is Sophie--Catherine was born Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Serbst.
15. I am a dork and a Russophile--a big, dorky Russophile.
16. I just reread a big coffee table book about the last tsar and his family.
17. I have exactly ten books on my nightstand right now.
18. Nine of them, I have started reading and gotten sidetracked by one of the others.
19. The tenth is an early edition copy of Gone With the Wind. It's there for decoration.
20. Gone With the Wind is another of my dorky obsessions, in both movie and book form.
21. When I was ten, I could name every actor in Gone With the Wind, all the way down to Yakima Canutt, who played one of Scarlett's attackers when she was driving through Shantytown alone.
22. I didn't like to read, from the time I grew out of Babysitter's Club and American Girl books until about five years ago, when I was about the graduate college and finally had time to read Guns, Germs, and Steel.
23. I read nonfiction almost exclusively--religion, sociology, history, biography.
24. The last novel I read was...
25. ...
26. ...okay, now I remember--Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides.
27. Ironically enough, I now edit books for a living--nonfiction, of course.
28. I love "Friends," and know practically every episode by heart.
29. Hubby reminds me of Chandler. We like to high-five like Monica and Chandler do.
30. I feel guilty about the way I treated the two guys I dated in college.
31. I feel guilty about the way I treat my husband half the time--maybe more.
32. I have a very self-centered side. It's partially from depression (that most self-centered of diseases) and partially just sin (the human curse of valuing self over God and others).
33. My favorite thing about my husband is his devil voice. It's adorable. He can make me laugh with that voice, no matter what.
34. I wish he would use that voice from the pulpit at some point. It would really freak people out.
35. Our kids are totally going to adore their daddy (until they hit puberty and his silly antics will be a source of massive embarrassment for them).
36. I'm afraid of being the "bad cop" parent.
37. I'm really looking forward to teaching my kids stuff, and watching them learn right in front of my eyes. I think it will be incredible.
38. I love God.
39. I use masculine pronouns for God--Vanderbilt Divinity School and the Disciples church couldn't beat it out of me!
40. I feel closest to God when staring at a starry sky or when riding in an airplane. I think that's because I identify most with the "big" images of God--glory, awe, vastness, the king of the universe.
41. I now have the Veggie Tales song "God is bigger than the Bogey-man" stuck in my head.
42. My cousin's kids were Bob and Larry for Halloween. They're super-cute, and after seeing them at Thanksgiving, Matt and I still quote the two-year old, saying "no?" as a question all the time.
43. I love to scrapbook--it's a great creative outlet, while preserving our memories at the same time.
44. I kept a journal diligently from age thirteen til age twenty. I had a dreadful fear of one day getting Alzheimer's and forgetting those all-important events and emotions of my teen years.
45. For that reason, the book The Notebook holds a special place for me, even though it's a cheesy, girly love story.
46. I often feel embarrassed by the girlier, less-intellectual sides of myself, like my fondnesses for scrapbooking, romance, royalty, weddings, and general silliness.
47. I am much quicker to broadcast my more grown-up indulgences, like wine, lingerie, cheeses not made by Kraft, and world travel.
48. I have been to fourteen foreign countries.
49. One of the greatest experiences of my life was walking all over Budapest all by myself. (My traveling companions were lazy, and never wanted to see the things I wanted to see, so I had to do it myself!)
50. I sleepwalked in Russia. I didn't sleep well the whole first half of that trip, until we were on an overnight sleeper train from Novgorod to Moscow. I think the motion of the train was lulling to me.
51. Can't believe I'm only halfway through this list.
52. Hubby's home now. I always love that as annoyed as I might get with him sometimes, I always light up when I hear him drive up, and run to greet him.
53. Hubby and I are learning better communication skills--it feels silly to be very intentional about asking "am I understanding you correctly?" and "is there more you need to say?" but it's probably worth it.
54. I call Hubby several embarassing nicknames. One of these is "Baby Bunny." He often gets hand-me-down nicknames from the cat.
55. I absolutely adore my cat, Charlotte, and I'm ashamed I haven't mentioned her until now. I've been thinking of you the whole time, Mow-Mow. (Especially when shooing you away from eating the gerbera daisies.)
56. Charlotte and I are soul mates. We fell madly in love the moment I lured her down from her cage at the Humane Society.
57. The best meal I've ever eaten was a market price steak I ordered at a French restaurant my high school sweetheart took me to...after we broke up. I always think of this incident when I hear the song "Hit 'Em Up Style."
58. Though the many mix tapes said sweetheart made for me were awesome, "Hit 'Em Up Style" is actually featured on a mix my college roommate made for me, entitled "You Wanna Mess With These Bitches?"
59. The CD cover featured a pic of her and I dressed for the Sigma Chi 70s party. I looked like my mom in 1970--complete with silver eye-shadow--and Tracy had teased her curly hair out into a 'fro. We had a lot more fun just getting ready and taking pictures that night than at the actual party.
60. I went to maybe three frat parties in college. I hated them.
61. That was mainly because I was (and still am) very introverted, and don't like large-group social situations.
62. It wasn't so much because I dislike frats, which I did. (Again, sorry, #30).
63. My husband was a frat guy.
64. I would not have liked him if I'd known him in college. He is still a frat boy now, but at least no one is going to lake him for marrying me.
65. I never considered rushing a sorority, but I did consider joining up with a few other girls when they talked about founding a chapter of a sorority at Furman.
66. This is the same reason people who typically would never come to church join up with new church plants--they're wary about closed and tradition-bound communities, but are attracted to the idea of being a part of a new faith community.
67. A friend of ours in L.A. does product placements for television shows. She got to go to the Grey's Anatomy set today. I am jealous because I am absolutely wild about Patrick Dempsey. I am generally not star-crazy, but him, I actually am reduced to incoherent babble and longing glances. Those eyes. That wavy hair. Oy vey.
68. I also adore Anthony Rapp (the original Mark in "Rent"). Even though he's gay, I'm pretty nuts about him too.
69. Matt and I are going to see Rent on Broadway next month, since it is going off Broadway in June. I fantasize that Anthony will be there, and we'll get to meet him and hang out with him.
70. I read in Anthony's book Without You that he is wary about religion because his Catholic upbringing was uninspiring for him and he perceives Christianity as a judgmental faith. So, I also fantasize that after getting his autograph and giving him a big kiss, he and Matt and I will go to a bar and talk about life and faith and he will see that Christ is about love, compassion, and acceptance, not judgment and petty rules.
71. I am terrified by those ADT security system commercials. I have always had a fear of home intruders, ever since I was a kid and thought burglers actually went around with extension ladders to climb into the bedroom windows of little girls.
72. I thought they did this even more during scary thunderstorms. My mom explained that they especially don't carry around metal extension ladders during lightening storms.
73. I have also always had a great fear of housefires. I credit this fear to a nightmare I had when I was 7 or 8, that our house was on fire.
74. I credit to this fear (not just of housefires, but of fire in general) my resistance to the smoking habit in high school. I did not light a match or lighter until I was 22, and have still never smoked a cigarette.
75. #74 implies I might have had the opportunity to take up smoking. I was naive and oblivious enough to never really be tempted by peer pressure in high school.
76. When I caught my much more "with it" best friend smoking during the summer between 8th and 9th grade, I at first thought I was just seeing her breath on the air when she exhaled. Then, realizing it was August, noticed that it was smoke spewing from her mouth and that there was a cigarette in her hand.
77. As a kid, I had my bangs permed, but not the rest of my hair, which was very straight. My dad called me "poodle top." Why did my mom think this was a good style choice for me?
78. By seventh grade (which definitely goes on record as the worst year of my life), I had the res tof my hair permed, finally, and amazingly enough, it looked even worse. Ugh, that was a bad year.
79. In eighth grade, I switched to a private school, and life got better. I still love this school, though Matt never misses an opportunity to remind me that he and his brother have done pretty well even with a public school education.
80. I love Louisville--my hometown.
81. I love the Kentucky Derby, and the fact that Louisville schools get out on Oaks Day, the day before Derby.
82. I love all things Kentucky, and am so proud of my dad for serving as Commissioner of State Parks for the last couple years.
83. C-A-T-S. Cats! Cats! Cats!
84. Did I mention we're UK Wildcats fans? I was raised on it.
85. I was also raised to be a fiscally consevative Republican.
86. I pleased my dad when, in 10th grade, I wrote an essay called "Personal Responsiblity and the Welfare System."
87. I became a Democrat while a religion major at Furman University.
88. Thank you, Albert Blackwell, for teaching me that "liberal" is not a dirty word, and that caring for those who don't "deserve" it is the most Christian thing we can do.
89. After meeting with our accountant a couple weeks ago, I am struggling to remind myself that I support higher taxes, if it means providing for the least of these.
90. If there's one scripture I take literally, it's "give to all who ask of you."
91. Another of the most meaningful moments of my life is when a homeless man took the money I offered him, looked straight in my eyes, and said, "I will remember you."
92. I will never fully understand Jesus and his message, but I will always try.
93. I discovered the meaning of life my senior year of college.
94. I sum it up in the name of a Chris Rice album: Run the Earth and Watch the Sky.
95. Yes, I'm being a bit facecious, but it was at the end of Dr. Blackwell's "Religious Approaches to Meaning" class, and I found that all my final essays came back to the same point--meaning is found in a right balance between heaven and earth.
96. I am sad that a friend of mine has declared himself an atheist.
97. Another friend always told me, "it would be as unnatural for me to believe in God as it would be for you to not believe in God." How do you argue with that?
98. This is getting way too serious for me.
99. I was born on the fourth of July. Therefore, I love fireworks, and have a dream to one day fly on the 3rd or 4th and see fireworks from above.
100. When I was in third grade, I was distressed over the decision to be either an author or an artist when I grew up.
101. I'm proud to say I'm a little of both. And a whole lot more.


Matt Kelley said...

Yes, you are both and much, much more. You're my wifey-poo, and I love you very much!

Anonymous said...

This is great!!!! So you!!! I loved reading this! (And why am I reading it at 2 am when I should be sleeping?!?!?!! Bad Tracy. Bad Google reader!)


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