Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Where is this relationship going?"

Sometimes, when I'm stressed or down, I find that my prayers mainly consist of depressed statements like "God, I need to be spending more time with you," and "God, how can I feel closer to you?" Often, those prayers get me more down as I agonize about my relationship with God and about what I should and could be doing to better live out my faith.

I had somewhat of a revelation the other day, though, as my words started to remind me of an episode of Friends (as so many things in life do)--in particular, The One with the Holiday Card, where Ross and Mona have to have a big, uncomfortable talk about "where their relationship is going." I hear it is actually good for couples to talk about the state and health of their relationship, but overall, if you spend more time talking about the relationship than just living it, you're either a) obsessive, b) headed for therapy and/or a breakup, or c) in the 8th grade.

I realized the same is true of my relationship with God. I could spend my prayers wondering if I'm not praying often enough, or I could actually pray about important things, or even better, just be still and listen. I could just worship. I could just go serve. Just as in human relationships, talk can be cheap, while action is the evidence of where your heart really lies.

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