Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our Slippers Got Balls

A couple Sundays ago, a little elderly lady in the congregation called me over to her just before the service started. I honestly don't know her name, but since I'm doubting she's a blogger, I can freely admit that. She handed me a brown paper lunch-size sack, with some knitted things sticking out of it.

"For you and the pastor," she said. "I hope his are big enough."

I assumed they were mittens or hats or something, but no... they were slippers. With big balls on the toes! I thanked her profusely, and found the gesture very sweet, but honestly did not figure we would ever wear them. To my surprise, they are amazingly comfy and warm, and I wear them all the time!

The funny thing about her comment is that Matt and I actually have pretty much the same size feet. They stretch, though, so I kindly took the smaller ones.

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Eric Helms said...

AT least you recognized your gift. A couple years ago, Kristin and I were invited to a Christmas party which to our surprise turned out to include a gift exchange (no gift!!) Even worse, I opened our gift and had no idea what it was--I can't really describe it. People were going around the circle and describing their gift and saying thanks.

I was sweating, I had no idea what this was. Someone must have noticed because when it came to me, they bursted in, "Oh wow! plant waterers." Aparently you place it in a plant pot and the water slowly seeps out of the device as the plant becomes dry. Who knew such things existed! We didn't even have a house plant.

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