Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fire and Ice

Matt and I spent our second Valentine's Day at one of the three non-chain restaurants in Clarksville--Benne's Steakhouse. We had to wait a while because they weren't taking reservations, but we enjoyed their upstairs piano bar while we waited. We shared the "Benne's Duet," two 16 oz. sirloin steaks. Wow, that's a lot of meat. We brought at least 18 oz. of meat home, so tonight, we're having black & blue steak salad for dinner. They were also giving out free champagne, which we enjoyed with a lava cake dessert--yum! It was a very nice and romantic date for us not-so-newlyweds.

Speaking of which, we won the Not-So-Newlywed game at church last week! There were questions like: "What TV character does your husband most remind you of?" (Chandler Bing, of course!) and "What chore does your wife want you to do that you hate or refuse to do?" (pick his clothes up off the floor). The game is an annual benefit for the youth group, and we had a lot of fun.

Montgomery County has had two snow days in the last month. The first one (pictured below) actually prevented me from going into work until 10:30 or so, when the roads thawed. I attempted to go in at my usual time, but the roads near our house do not get salted, apparently, so it was quite treacherous, and I could barely get up the hill to get out of our neighborhood. It's so funny to have such a shut-down for only half and inch of snow!

Interestingly, within a couple days of that snow, it was in the 70s for a few days in a row. That huge variation in temperatures, of course, is what caused the huge storms we've been having, including the Super Tuesday tornadoes.

I didn't actually see evidence of the other snow day, just this past week. Schools were called off, but the roads were fine, so I went on to work as usual. The flakes really did start to come down as I got closer to Nashville (and Matt said they did in Clarksville too), to the point I worried about getting home okay, but they didn't stick at all, and by midday it looked totally normal outside.

I'm sure we'll have another couple cold snaps, but I'm hoping spring will get here soon!

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