Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Pictures, part one

Charlotte has really enjoyed the tree--sitting under it, chewing on it, pawing at it, but (luckily for us) most of the time not trying to climb it. She's removed ornaments occasionally, and laid them in doorways and hallways, where we'll see them...just so we know what she's capable of.

Matt was really excited when I brought up the idea of hosting Christmas Eve and him smoking the turkey on the grill. He really owned that task, and we and our nine guests really enjoyed that lovingly flavored and basted bird.
Meanwhile, I played Martha Stewart, setting a lovely table (above) with cranberry and evergreen arrangements, and even folding napkins into floral shapes (below).
The Kelley siblings...
The Kelley men...
And the whole Keyser-Miller-Kelley gang!
We're so lucky that both Alexis and I are only children, so we can all come together rather than making complicated holiday plans with multiple children's/parents' houses and such. And, since Matt will always have to work Christmas Eve, we get to stay home for Christmas night, then make our visits on Christmas Day, as we did last year to my parents' and this year down to Brentwood to hang out with Matt's family more.
The pics from Christmas Day are on Matt's computer (his new toy--a Mac!) So, I'll need to move over there to upload the photos of our fun Christmas morning with my parents (our houseguests for the holiday) and Christmas evening at the Kelleys' house. Feliz Navidad!

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Matt Kelley said...

Mmmmm. Smoke meat. Feel manly. Grunt a lot. Mmmm...


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