Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas Pics, part two

Christmas morning, my parents, Matt, and I opened our gifts to one another. Matt got a sweater, a coat, pj pants, books, and a cool DVD Jeopardy game (that is apparently not compatible with our TV and DVD player, but we're hanging onto it until the HD switch thing, and maybe it will work on our new TV). Mom, as you can see, loved the workout outfit and hand weights I got her. And, Charlotte, being the spoiled kitty that she is, got lots and lots of toys, including this fishy on a pole.My parents left midday, and Matt and I headed down to Brentwood to spend the evening with his parents, brother, and sister-in-law. Here I am showing off the beautiful pendant Matt gave me: After the traditional potato soup dinner, we had the traditional Santa cutout cookies Andrew and Alexis make (Andrew is very protective of the cookies, so we were only each allowed one :0), and then opened gifts. It's kind of a running joke that Debbie just LOVES dishes. She has at least 12 sets of dishes in various designs and styles (she does use them all, though, so dining at the Kelleys is always a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds). Anyway, she got some serving pieces for a newly acquired set...
Then Alexis and Andrew opened the Christmas dishes we gave them...
And then I received a set of four botanical salad plates (in the hatbox--I hadn't opened them yet in this shot), so all the Kelley women got dishes, and I am now a true Kelley! I also got some great books, clothes, wine accessories, and other neat things.

So, we had a very nice Christmas, and hope you did too. Happy New Year!

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