Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Having just learned that at least one person checks this blog regularly, I am going to try to post more frequently. (Yes, I made that resolution a couple months ago and haven't acted on it, but I'll do it for Rachael!)

Matt and I spent our second married Thanksgiving (but our first in the states, since we were on our honeymoon last Thanksgiving!) at my parents' house in Louisville. My mom's brother and his family also joined us, and we really enjoyed the "big family" feel of the holiday, with twelve adults and four children around the table.

At left, the oldest and youngest guests: 93-year-old Grandpa, who is feeling so poorly he almost didn't come to dinner, but we're so glad he did, and 9-month old Olivia, his great-granddaughter.

It was great to see my cousins Jenny and Becky, whom I hardly ever see, and the rest of the family, of course, too. We loved hanging out with all the kids, but it was nice that we weren't the ones who had to leap into action if one started screaming or we smelled something icky. Our time will come, and while some days I get really eager for that day, it will still probably be a couple years off.

Here are some of the cutest pics from the holiday, including poor Sophie in a doggie diaper (she's getting old)--doesn't she look ashamed? Also, we love Linnea's response to the instruction,"Give Sissy a kiss"--sticking her booty in Olivia's face. Priceless.


Anonymous said...

I check your blog too and love hearing of your adventures! Julie O.

Mark Bloggs said...

Just an FYI, it looks like your family photo is being used to advertise online gambling...

Otter Point said...

Hi there.

I just wanted to let you know that one of your family photos has been used on an online casino 'fake winner story'. :)

Thought you might want to know. I was able to find your family site by dragging the photo from the article into google image search and your page came up.

I hope it doesn't cause you any problems!

Janet (Victoria BC)


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