Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where did the end of summer go?

Not that I'm complaining. August featured 100-degree temps and next to no rain at all, plus I LOVE fall, so I'm very excited that the air is a little crisper and I can actually pull out the fall decorations this Sunday. Still, where did August go? I (Jessica) was just writing on my other blog what a pathetic blogger I am because I hadn't posted on it since March, and I used this blog as my excuse, and then realized I hadn't posted on it since the end of July!

The only thing I really recall from August was my business trip up to Granger Community Church, near South Bend, Indiana. Wow--what a cutting-edge congregation! They have got their finger on the pulse of pop culture and their young adult target demographic. I also recall a knot in my stomach during August because of general work stress hanging like a dark cloud over the office. (Good thing Granger's current sermon series, which I've been watching online, is on "The Office"--what did I tell you?!) I might have gone to the gym two or three times, too, but other than those things, August was a blur.

September has been cool so far, though. Rob and Courtney's wedding kicked it off right, then Tracy came to visit for a weekend and I helped her catch up a little on her scrapbooking (senior year at Furman??? I don't feel so delinquent on the blogging now :0) Last Thursday and Friday was MinistryCOM, a great church communications conference at which I was able to connect with a lot of awesome authors and potential authors from the most innovative and tech-savvy churches out there. Excellent. This past Saturday was Wine on the River, put on by the same people that sponsor the Music City Brewer's Festival, which we'd gone to the past two years (our tastes are growing more sophisticated, perhaps?) It was a lovely (if a little crowded) wine tasting event held on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. Here's a pic:

We're also approaching our first anniversary, and in honor of that fact, I'll include a couple wedding shots that we just recently got ahold of.


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