Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The knot in my stomach is making itself at home

It's been about two weeks since my last post, and yet there is STILL NO RESOLUTION!!!

My old job ended last Friday, March 30, and with a heavy heart, I packed up my office and was ready to load it all into the trunk of my car until a new job was found. I still had hope of hearing good news with regard to the "dream job" I'd interviewed for in-house earlier that week. Mid-morning that day, my HR advocate called me into her office, but since she had informed me of that other job I'd been offered by phone, I figured a face-to-face discussion could not be good news. Sure enough, it wasn't, but it wasn't exactly bad news either. The men who'd interviewed me for the job I really wanted said they couldn't make a decision in such a short amount of time, especially since they had only of yet interviewed me. So, they suggested an alternative that would buy them (and me) more time. Their Unit Assistant (read: secretary) had just left, and they hoped that I could fill in at that post for a few weeks until a permanent replacement was found, and/or until they decided they wanted me for the other job. So, while I was not thrilled about this arrangement (it's low-ranking, obviously, and only pays BY THE HOUR!) it still seemed like the smart thing to do. While this gig will pay less than my severance package would have (assuming I was only unemployed for two weeks), my hope is that I can prove myself to the higher-ups in this unit, and that they can get to know me better, such that they will want to keep me!

So, I'm on my third day in this post, and it's a totally different world up here on the 5th floor! I feel very disconnected from my old colleagues, as if I'd left the company entirely, but I enjoy the collegial, academic environment up here, and the natural light is a godsend! I also had a follow-up interview this morning at another company, and think it went really well. I just might accept it if it were offered (though not before checking with my current boss-men about my potential for getting said dream-job!)

Anxiety is high in the Kelley household, as both Matt and I wait to find out where we will each be working next year. The tax-man was not good to us this year, and we need to control our spending on incidentals. Will we be able to afford a downpayment on a house? Will the knot in my stomach turn into an ulcer? Will I be able to buy new khakis before Ann Taylor Loft sells out of "real-person" sizes?

...Find out next time on Lifestyles of the Poor and Infamous!


Anonymous said...

I think your definition of poor is scewed.
Complaining about a job that pays hourly when over half of America lives that way is ridiculous and just makes you sound like some spoiled rich kid whining.
Oh no, you might not be able to afford a down payment on a house. Take one moment to think of the families where both parents work and worry about how they'll be able to afford health insurance or food.

America is full of working class people who would love the luxury of your "poor" lifestyle and worries, but who don't have that choice. Not because they are lazy or stupid, but just because they didn't have the right set of circumstances in their life.

Before boo-hooing about being able to buy a new pair of pants think about the people out there who are happy just to make their bills without having to ask for assistance. There is a very big difference between middle class and poor.

Matt Kelley said...

Hey anonymous, if you're going to criticize somebody at least have the respect and courage to put your name to it. She knows darn well that she's better off than most people, but it doesn't mean she doesn't get stressed. Grow some stones and sign your name to your comments for crying out loud!

Becca_B said...

Wow, anonymous. Quite the asshole here, aren't we? Given that you've got the time and computer to sit around bashing other people (while claiming to be so compassionate!) I assume you're not too bad off yourself. So, does that mean you never get down about things or wish things in your career were going better? Sheesh! Good luck Jessica, I hope things turn around soon.


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