Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yay Colts!

Rev. and Mrs. Kelley host their first social engagement...

An awesome Super Bowl Party complete with beer, brats, beer brats, and chili! Here's a few of the pics!

Scoring points with the hubby by going all out for his team!

Fire-gazing is a prehistoric male practice.

The partygoers enjoy the game (and the commercials...but not the halftime show)

The post-game Family Guy was good, though.

See you at the next event! (Derby Day, maybe???)


Websites to Check Out

While researching media outlets for Wellesley, Massachusetts (explanation below*), I stumbled across a fascinating website called e-podunk. It has a mini-webpage for thousands (probably millions) of communities--including tiny rural towns and little suburban areas of cities. Type in a community name and the state, and it gives you information like who the town is named for, median income, ancestry of residents, number of libraries, hotels, etc., and even the all-important information what national chains of coffee are present there (so far, Starbucks is the clear winner, of course).

Anyway, it should prove informative as Matt and I get closer to finding out where we'll be appointed this year.

And, for the other recommendation, *Warning: shameless plug... The reason I was investigating newspapers in Wellesley is that I am helping out with communications for the documentary film Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath. It is about violence and prejudice against ethnic minorities in the wake of 9/11. My college roommate and maid of honor Tracy Wells got involved with the production of the film while attending Harvard Divinity School, and asked me to assist in promoting the film while it tours the country. Check out www.dwf-film.com, view a movie clip, and see if it's coming to your area!


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