Thursday, January 11, 2007

The New Year

Matt and I had a fun New Year's Eve, taking in the Titans' last game of the season. I personally am not a big fan of football (except UK football, but even then, I don't really follow the game), but I knew Matt would love his main Christmas gift--the tickets to the Dec. 31 home game against the New England Patriots. I was prepared to enjoy the beer and the people-watching of the event, all while making my dear husband happy--which was the main point of the gift.

I was not prepared for the pouring down rain that soaked us the entire first half. Making matters worse, our seats were right under the lights, so rain caught on the lights and dripped on us in even larger droplets. Finally, the sun came out around halftime! A giant rainbow appeared, and hope that we might win the game and make it to the playoffs emerged! Unfortunately, we couldn't eke out the win, and we left the stadium with our still-not-totally-dry tails between our legs.

For the record, my new year's resolution was not the stereotypical "to lose weight," but rather "to get financially organized. Matt's new year's resolution is to not get annoyed with me while I try to lose weight.

I bought Quicken, at the recommendation of my childhood friend Lindsay Rutledge Patterson (who will become a mommy in about 2 months!) and have been sorting our finances out with reasonable success. Matt is not quite as successful in keeping his resolution thus far.

(Perhaps my resolution should be to not tell lies that make Matt look bad in this blog :0)

Happy New Year's, everyone!

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