Thursday, January 11, 2007

Inaugural Post

Inspired by a few friends with relatively ordinary lives who seem to still have a lot to say, I figured I'd start a blog for Matt and my married adventures. We've been married a few months already (three months on Sunday), but in the great scheme of things, this is still the beginning of our married life, and this blog can be the record of our poor (grad students and recent grad school grads don't make a whole lot) and infamous (we affirm Jesus' gospel to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted) lifestyle.

To catch up on the "undocumented" time of our marriage so far...
we got married on October 14, 2006. It was a gorgeous fall day in Louisville, Kentucky. The ceremony was at St. Paul UMC in the highlands, and the reception was held at my dream location--the Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville. We were surrounded by 10 attendants made up of siblings, cousins, college friends, and high school friends, as well as our loving parents and 200-or so other loved ones. It was the happiest day ever!

A month later, we went on our honeymoon to Italy, visiting Rome, Siena, Venice, and Naples/Pompeii. We are absolutely in love with Roma--"the Eternal City"--but had a fabulous time everywhere we went.

We left for Italy several days before Thanksgiving, and returned several days after, so it was like leaving during autumn and returning to festiveglowinghohohochristmasland. So, once we recombobulated (hey, if Bush can make up words, so can I*) from the trip, we decorated our lovely little duplex for Christmas--with both a small fake tree and a big real one--and navigated the waters of firstmarriedchristmas. Actually, despite the reputation this holiday peril carries, it was quite simple for us, given that Matt's job left us little choice of how and where to spend the high holy days. We stayed in Nashville through Christmas Eve, celebrating with Matt's family that evening and attending Christmas Eve service at Crievewood, where Matt preached his first Christmas Eve service! The next morning, we opened our presents to each other (the biggies--a gorgeous bracelet Matt picked out for me, Titans tickets from me to him, and a cappucino machine we both enjoy), and then after an hour and a half of searching for Matt's money clip, we got on the road to Louisville. Charlotte--our precious kitty and my total pride and joy--delayed our trip a bit longer by *expressing* her displeasure with her cat carrier before we were even out of Davidson County. Three hours later, we pulled into my parents' driveway, at which point Matt put on his pea-coat, reached into the pocket, and found his money clip.

Our poor and infamous lifestyle is full of such ironies. Enjoy the blog.

***On making up words: Matt and I invented a new one last night: Iraqued (adj.)
Pronunciation: I-racked
Definition: to suffer or die for no reason.
For example: "Those guys at Enron who went to jail for shredding papers they had no idea were illegal really got iraqued."

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